Santa Claus Letter Service

What can bring a child more happiness and delight than a letter personally written to him/her from the big guy himself? For the last few years Santa Claus Letter Service has been providing just that. The joy a child receives while opening a written letter from Santa himself is magical. All our letters include personalized details of your child, including name, possible gift ideas and the city they live in, enabling them to feel the magic that Saint Nick has given all of us at some point in our lives.

All our letters are written by Santa Claus and are not printed. Santa takes great pride in writing each and every letter knowing that it will be reaching somebody very precious and special.



  • Personalized Letters

    Each letter is personalized for each child.

  • Beautiful Packaging

    All of our letters are sent in an attractive envelope with a special North Pole Postmark.

  • Custom Designed Templates

    We offer various custom templates to choose from.

  • Official Wax Seal

    All letters are sealed with Santa's Official Wax Seal.

  • Arrival Guarantee

    Guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.


Looking for answers? We have them listed below.

What payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) and PayPal.

Where are the letters mailed from?

All letters are mailed from the United States in a discrete large envelope addressed to the parents; Santa's letter comes in its own envelope with it's own special North Pole Postmark and wax seal. This insures that all letters arrive before Christmas.

Why do you ship inside a large discrete envelope?

We ship all our letters inside a larger discrete envelope to avoid damage to the wax seal on the envelope (past experience). Once received by the parents, they will hand or place letters under Christmas tree for the children to find.

What if I ordered the Certificate Package?

Once again, we will send everything in an even larger discrete envelope to avoid any damage to the contents that the child will receive.

Do you have a Return Policy?

Santa will refund the full amount as long as the letter has not been shipped prior to cancellation.

What if I didn't get my letter?

Although this has yet to happen, Santa will give a full credit and send a birthday card and a summer postcard as a courtesy to your child. Santa does not want unhappy children!

I have more than one child, do the letters arrive separately?

All letters will arrive together to make sure that all children in the household feel equally loved by Santa.

How can Santa write so many letters?

Santa is magical and although he can do many amazing things, his hands do get tired, so only limited amounts of letters are written. his penmanship is amazing and rest assured that all letters are written by Santa, so for the households with multiple children, So for the households with multiple children, different letters will be mailed but in the same penmanship.